Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Did I Become This Person?

This morning, I dropped my child off at school. That seems normal enough. The trouble with it was my ensemble. I drove my kid to school while wearing a nightgown, pants, snow boots and a coat. My face looked dead and my hair looked like I've been camping for weeks. Oh and here's the kicker....no bra what so ever. When did I become my mother? I so vividly recall being driven to school by the exact transient that I have become. My child wasn't mortified by my outfit and overall look, not yet at least. I figure I have maybe one more year of rocking the "hot mess in the morning" look until my kid refuses the ride altogether.

The only bright side of looking so bad at the morning drop off is that when you peek into the drivers seats of the other cars, half the other moms looked just as haggard as I do. Most of us will get our shit together by pick-up time. I will make an effort to be one of them. I am certain that our cute little crossing guard thinks that Sasha has two lesbian mothers. There's the homely one (who probably wears Birkenstocks) that waves to her in the morning and the put together gal (who wears gorgeous high heel boots) that waves to her in the afternoon.

 As for now, I might as well hop on the treadmill and run up a sweat because this head of hair needs washing anyway. Tomorrow I swear that I will get a bra on before breakfast and I vow to avoid wearing snow boots with my nightgown, especially when it isn't snowing and the suns out. Sorry kid, I swear that I love you and I didn't mean to become this weirdo.

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