Thursday, February 14, 2013

Babies Are Great But Big Kids Are AWESOME

Who doesn't want to snuggle a newborn baby? No one. I would love to spend my morning tucked in my bed, cuddled up with a sweet, little, sleeping baby.  It's thoughts like that that make me want to have another baby, but there is something so cool about having big kids too. I also like to give myself a big reality check and remember that I wouldn't have time to lay in my bed with that sweet little baby, because my job as short order cook and butler begins each day at the crack of dawn. My services are VERY much needed in the kitchen.

 I LOVE having a six year old right now. I don't have to change her diapers and I'm not terrified of her falling down the stairs. She helps me with the dishes and she's able to tell me what she wants instead of making me guess which cry means what. My oldest is becoming pleasantly more independent everyday. This morning I found one more thing I love about having an older kid, she can read. This is the first year that I was able to tuck a valentine into her lunch box. She'll get to read a sweet little card at lunch and see on paper how much she means to me. Sasha is super sentimental and dramatic in a cute way. That little card, even though it's from her mom, will mean a lot to her. All signs point to her being a hopeless romantic as an adult. I love it and it made me so happy to feed that adorable part of her personality.

I LOVE having an almost four year old too. She was so excited to fill out her Valentines cards. She woke up this morning, and ran to my room to be the first one to tell me Happy Valentines day! It was adorable. Today she's wearing her Valentine shirt and a pink tutu. She's in heaven. And on top of it all, I don't have to change her diapers either. She tells me when she's hungry, when she's tired and when she NEEDS to go home to do a little Mario Kart racing (she's a crazy good racing champion because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). Her little girl thought process entertains me every single day. I can't wait until I can write her a thoughtful card and tuck it into her lunch box. Big kids are awesome!
Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. Love a dad of a 37-month old, I completely agree that the older she gets, the more fun she is. She seems to reach a higher level of conversation every day, it's awesome!! can't wait til she starts reading, like you say. Thanks for giving me even more to look forward to, great piece.