Thursday, October 18, 2012



I have a love-hate relationship with Play-Doh. On the one hand, it entertains my children for a VERY long time, but when the fun is over, the mess will linger forever. Tiny little crumbs of it will be found for weeks. It finds a way to embed itself in the grooves of the hard wood floors. The Dyson is almost no match for it. I hate this.

During the summer, I'll put the little kid picnic table outside and let the girls go Play-Doh crazy out there. They bust out the mini rolling pin and the cookie cutters and it's a dream day for the kids. I love to see them so happy, but watching this scene outside is almost the only way for me to handle it. It's a sure sign that I'm insane, but the chaotic mess of it all is too much for my brain to deal with. It's the crumbs really, I just can't contain all the brightly colored crumbs. At least I can sweep them off the deck when we're outside.

And don't even get me started on the mixing. The sight of fresh Play-doh is wonderful. Each color is absolutely pristine. In a perfect world I'd only let my kids play with one color at a time, just to keep them perfect. That scenario has never once happened. It goes from bright beautiful colors to a grayish brown lump in a hurry. I hate that this bothers me, but I will admit that it does. Thankfully, Play-Doh is cheap and my garbage can is always hungry.

Three cheers for the crazy moms! Now excuse me while I try to extract some dried up Play-Doh from the kitchen rug.

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