Monday, October 8, 2012

Not Just Dumb, Walmart Dumb!

If anyone would like an overstuffed turkey sandwich, come on over! We have plenty of deli sliced turkey meat to go around. I didn't intend to have this much turkey. I didn't ask for this much turkey, but sometimes math and number talk goes out the door at the deli counter. Especially when the girl working the slicer is dumber than a box a rocks. I found that special gal yesterday.

Normally I don't buy lunch meat from the deli, especially the Walmart deli, but we tried it out last week and it went well. The turkey was really good  and it ended up being really cheap because the employee working the deli counter charged me way less than what she was supposed to. Again, math doesn't agree with the Walmart Deli workers. I do have a brain, which is why I didn't alert the woman to her mistake, plus she made me wait at the counter forever before she even came to ask me what I was waiting for. The corn dogs required far more of her attention than a customer. I wasn't mad, I knew full well that I was inside the Walmart and this is to be expected.

I encountered a different employee yesterday, but she was just as dim as the first gal. After she let me wait for her to finish her long conversation with her co-worker, she asked me what I needed. I told her I needed a pound of turkey. She got what I needed and placed it on the slicer. While she did this, I told her I would need a little bit more than a pound, so how about we make it a pound and a quarter. She said fine. Only it wasn't fine, because I hadn't taken into account her Walmart math skills. In my world, a quarter means .25. I thought this was common is not. In her head a quarter is  .75, as in 3 quarters. I wondered briefly how many times she'd seen a car wash vacuum that required 75 cents and she put in one quarter and wondered why it didn't turn on?

So the next thing I know, she hands me an enormous bag of sliced turkey and said, "There you go. A pound and a quarter." I knew instantly what had happened. I took the bag that held 1.75 lbs. of turkey and walked away. The price was high. She was very aware of how the price codes worked, so I would also have the privilege of buying all this at full price. I was irritated, because I'm cheap as hell and I didn't need all this extra turkey for the week, I especially didn't want to pay for it. The only way to make it right was to return to the deli and explain the problem to the slicer girl. But there was no good way to do that. What could I have said that wouldn't have equated to me telling a grown woman that she was dumb as hell? I don't care for confrontation and I certainly don't want to teach a woman the basics of her job, when it's not my business to do so. I did the only thing I could do, I paid for the turkey and learned a lesson about how you order meat at Walmart. "I need one point two five of turkey. The point will look exactly like a period or a dot. If that's too confusing, go ahead and just get me One of turkey."

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  1. Pinterest directed me here... I have cracked up all morning reading your posts. :)