Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Picture Day

Today is picture day at my daughters school. This is a fun day for me, especially at the morning drop off. I love seeing moms with their hair spray cans, and their last minute child lip gloss applications. I even got to watch a mother spit shine a milk mustache off of her mortified son. It was pure love. Sure I stress out for 20 minutes when the picture day envelope comes home, with the 500 picture package options, but then I'm excited.

 The company doing the school photos actually gives you a $5 retouching option. I see the upside to this, but I would never choose to do it. I bet that option gets selected by pimple faced teens, but I think who cares if your school pictures portray what you really look like. All your classmates see you everyday. You're fooling no one. Wear that pimple proud! If second graders have to smile with their brand new enormous teeth or their blacked out toothless gaps, you can weather the storm of zit. It's a rite of passage.

But back to elementary picture day. This for me is a very telling day. I certainly wouldn't expect every kids parents to buy them a brand new outfit, but the day is worthy of at least a good hair brushing. Maybe a cute top or a hair accessory for the girls. It makes me sad to walk the into the cafeteria on picture day and see half the kids dolled up in their best outfit with thoughtful hairdos and the other half of them in ratty T-shirts and bed head. I can't imagine sending my kid to school without even running a brush through her hair.

Picture day is supposed to be a fun day. A day for kids to be proud and feel special. Rub a little lotion on those dry cheeks. Chap stick those rough lips. Dress them in something that makes them smile when they pass a mirror. If you feel capable, go the extra mile with the hair. You can bet your bottom dollar the curling iron made an appearance at our house this morning.  Picture day is the prom of elementary school. Go nuts with it. They are worth the extra time and effort.

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