Monday, October 15, 2012

John Mayer

Is John Mayer a romantic,an egomaniac, a genius or a complete D-Bag? It sort of depends on the month I guess. I love some of his songs but most I could do without. I own one of his Cd's and it's only because I won it at my bachelorette party (but that's another story). Sometimes you'll see a picture of him and he looks gorgeous, then other times he looks like a total wreck. Ladies love him anyway. He's some sort of enigma. I pay attention when I see him though. He has mastered the art of fascinating me, because we've all met a few "John Mayer's" in our lives and I'll never stop trying to understand how they operate.

Yes Please!

     Same Guy!
    If this doesn't      demomnstrate the importance of a good haircut, I don't know what would?

A month ago, not only did I discover a new channel in my cable lineup, but I also found an old show I loved called, Storytellers. The new channel is called "Palladia". It's basically what MTV and VH1 used to be, what they are supposed to be really. They play tons of great shows that are all music based. I've caught a few good concerts and great old shows like Unplugged and Storytellers.

I've always loved Storytellers. A great song ALWAYS has a great story behind it. I long to know the back story. Who wronged you so bad that you wrote that song? Who did you love so much that you wrote that song? Where was the inspiration?  How did that musical genius come about? These are the questions I'm always filled with. After all, when you really listen closely, almost every song is about someone.

When I see that John Mayer is going to be the star on Storytellers, I am instantly intrigued! I'm thrilled I watched it, because it didn't disappoint. I wanted to hear about an old song called "Back to You", but it wasn't played and I'm left only to imagine the story. His bigger hits are songs I don't really care for and I knew he'd only chat about the biggies. I had expected John to tell some juicy stories, because just like me, he seems helplessly controlled by his big mouth. "Your Body is a Wonderland", is NOT about Jennifer Love-Hewitt like everyone thought. It was about his first serious girlfriend from when he was a teenager. I totally buy it because that makes plenty of sense when you hear the song.

Through out the show they showed little clips of a Q&A session with the audience. Someone asked John a great question and his answer was awesome. It sticks with me because he answered so honestly and without any hesitation. It was obvious he had thought about this plenty of times. The answer seems sort of douchy, but I absolutely understand why he'd answer this way and I love it!

Audience question: "Have you ever written a song about a woman and then told her it was about her?"
John Mayer: "No, because it would give her a life long satisfaction that I wouldn't want her to have."

Congratulations Mr. Mayer. Keeping stuff like that to yourself is a huge challenge for those of us with big mouths. I applaud this jerky control freak aspect of John Mayer. I wonder what's wrong with me that I love that so much?

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