Saturday, December 22, 2012


I suspect that I suffer from a mild form of adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I'd say it's mild, only because it doesn't cause me any problems, but it's really annoying. Like for instance I'll load the dishwasher, and then I'll shut the door and walk away without starting it. The next morning, I'll pry myself away from Words With Friends to unload it, only to find that "Damn it all to hell!", I never started it. This happens to me at least once a week. The same variation happens with my laundry as well. I just get distracted very easily and forget what I was supposed to go back and finish.

A few nights ago I went to a holiday party with all my old friends from elementary school. It started at 6:30, but my husband wasn't home from work yet, and I needed to get my kids bathed and somewhat ready for bed before I left. By the time I was ready to do my two minutes of make-up and clothes prep, it was already 7:30. I ran into my closet, threw some haphazard outfit on, and applied some lip gloss. I peeked in the mirror and thought I looked good enough, minus the three year old daughter that was hanging from my neck, spider monkey style. At some point before I left, I decided to put on my wedding ring and earrings, just to look a bit more put together. My hair was a sad sight indeed. It had looked fabulous earlier in the day, but I had stood in the steamy bathroom through two kids' showers and I now looked all "melted" to say the least. There was no time for improvement on that front, so I wiggled my way out of my daughters "choke hold" and left my house loaded down with that horrible guilt that mothers know well.

It was so fun to see all my childhood friends. Some of them I see every few weeks and others, I only see once a year. Catching up with everyone is something I very much enjoy. There is NEVER an awkward silence at a gathering like that.  It's the type of event where you start saying your goodbyes and you actually leave an hour later.

So when I finally made it home, my husband was already asleep and I got ready for bed in the dark. I took out my left earring only to find that my right earring was missing. I'm not jewelry obsessed, and my big, dangling earrings were only $15.00, but still I like them a lot and I was sad that I'd lost one. I was bummed out about it the next day too, that's how much I like those big, gold earrings. 

About ten minutes ago, I found my lost earring. It was sitting in my jewelry dish in my bathroom. It wasn't lost at the party. It never attended the party. This is when it hit me that I don't have the attention span required to put in two earrings. I wore one huge gold earring and never bothered putting in the other one. It was nice to find that I hadn't lost one, but it's annoying that I can't finish such a short and simple task without getting distracted. It makes me wonder what kind of a mess I'll be when I'm older and a bit more senile. At least I won't be aware enough to care.
This is not me, and certainly not my earring, but this is what you imagine you'd look like, wearing only one. NO BUENO

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