Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor Sean

A while back, I wrote a post about Emily's season of the Bachelorette where I posted a photo of my cousin Dallin. My cousin is the long lost twin of Bachelor Sean. It's uncanny really. The first time I saw Sean on the screen, both my husband and I saw the crazy resemblance right away. I'll refresh your memory.

Sean, the bachelor

My cousin

Which one is which? It's crazy right?
I needed to remind people of this, because I'm can't be 100% certain, but I believe my cousin is available ladies!

So I FINALLY got to watch the season premiere of the Bachelor! Last night I was able to see the second episode without any additional Comcast drama. I think he's going to have a great season. Dave and I both agree that he has a good looking bunch of girls. Even Tierra," the crazy one", is pretty. Sean seems WAY into this girl. He gave her a rose one minute after he met her. This is unheard of! I suspect he wants to get into her pants, but they have good "connection" so far. I can't tell yet if the other girls are jealous about that or if she is just a difficult personality. It looks like some serious drama will be coming with her next week.

We also saw the return of Kaci B., previously from Ben's season. Dave was VERY pleased to see her. He has a Bachelor crush on her for sure.He is stunned that she is even on the show, "I seriously doubt she any problem finding a date". He thinks she's good looking but she also has what he refers to as "the cute factor". I take it to mean she has a fun, bubbly personality that makes her adorable to all. Last night was the first time that Dave ever asked me if it bugs me that he thinks she's so cute. Why would I care? You can't be married to someone for a long time and honestly believe that you are the only person your spouse could ever possibly find attractive. Even I think Kaci B. is "Adorbs"! I think she seems like a fun girl and she comes across as a bit more real than some of the other gals.

Kaci B. Proof that my husband isn't blind!
I was pleased to see that my husband still has Zero interest in any blonds and anyone tall (I am fun size and dark haired) This season Sean has a model competing for his heart and she is gorgeous, but Dave made it clear that there is something he just doesn't find attractive about her. He finally pinpointed it by saying, "Maybe she's just too long". I found that hilarious and heart warming. My giant (6'5") likes his women fun size. I can't yet tell if Sean is into the model.

Just from the first two episodes, I have made my predictions for which girls will be left standing at the end. These are premature, but I'm usually right. In addition to the girls below, I hope that Kaci B. is there and there is also a possibility that Tierra will remain as well.

                        Ashlee                                                                                 Desiree

                       Lesley                                                                                   Lindsay

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