Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Bieber Lessons

Thing I learned at the Justin Bieber concert:

1. At some point, before I die, I must be chosen as the "One Less Lonely Girl" at a Justin Bieber concert. I know this is a Longgggggg shot, but it has officially become my only dream on my Bucket List. The throne like chair, the flowers, the serenade and the kiss on the cheek. I must have it! I don't care when or how it happens, but I can officially say that it would complete me.

She got lucky this time. Next time I must get chosen!
2. Hyperactive, screaming, euphoric girls make the best fans. I feel bad for any star that has a straight, male fan base. There is no point in being a star unless you've targeted the crazy, young, female demographic. Lady fans are amazing, myself very much included. We are devoted and the majority of us are completely off the deep end. Passionate and spastic, there is no better way to be. That's my new life motto, "Go hard like a spazz, or go home!"

3. Great concert tickets are totally worth the money. If you love a performer enough to buy a ticket for their show, it's time to go big or go home. I'll wear cheap jeans, I'll use coupons at the grocery store and I'll skip restaurants all together. That stuff isn't worth the money to me. A great seat at a loud, energy filled, spectacular live show, is worth dropping a large sum of money on. That's the stuff that makes a great life. That's where memories are made. Totally worth every single penny!
Sidenote- This can't be said for a Madonna show. The tickets were outrageous and she was a rude, thankless, miserable, self absorbed bitch. I wanted to slap the shit out of her on more than one occasion. What a let down she was,and we had traveled to Vegas for the show.
Justin Bieber was nothing but gracious and thankful. The attitude of gratitude makes him so lovable.  He went to Primary Children's Hospital before the show to visit a little girl named Millie that has Leukemia for the third time. She had tickets to the show, but she was too sick to go. Justin heard about her (via Twitter and Facebook) and took time to go see her, sing to her and take some pictures with her. The photos made me smile and cry. I can't imagine how overjoyed this little girls parents were and how grateful they were for this kind gesture. What a wonderful way to renew this little girls spirit and show her that she's important and cared about. I'm sobbing as I write this, but that's how much of an impact that Justin's kindness has had. He's a role model. Take note Madge, cause you sucked. Here is the news story link. Very worth watching.

4. I'm so grateful to have a best friend whose daughter is the same age as mine. I've been to so many dance clubs, strip shows, and concerts with Russie, and
 we 've had some amazing times (Kid Rock in Jamaica!), but I think we can both agree that taking our daughters to Justin Bieber was one of the best nights we've had. Passing the torch to the next generation of lively, giddy girls. It was a full circle moment of greatness, AND we got to see the Biebs!

5. I'm obsessed with the Biebs....but I already knew that.

I was so excited that I went into a crafting frenzy! I'm so pleased with the results.

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