Friday, September 14, 2012

It Didn't End Right

I hate when I get all pumped to read a book and I start reading it, only to find that it isn't my cup of tea at all. It's a let down, but you didn't get invested in the characters so you just stop reading it and move on. Though it is disappointing, especially if you bought the book.  This is why I almost only read things that I can get from the local library. If I don't fall in love with it right away, I just return it and try another. Like dating, but with books.

 The only thing worse than that, is reading a good book and then having the story go completely wrong. When the book suddenly turns sour, you can bet the ending will be irritating as well.  This situation sucks, because it means that the whole thing started with tons of promise but the author turned out to be a jerk and ruined everything! Also like dating, but this is more like a bad break-up. So much chemistry, but the dude is an A-hole right down to the core.  What ya gonna do right?

I just had a bad book break-up. The story had a lot of mystery and it could have blown my mind, but it didn't. I had been courting this particular book for a while.  The library took forever to get a copy of it, so I waited for it. The wait just made the let down worse. The expectations of greatness were to high I suppose (again, just like dating).

The story is that of a wife and mother who died in a plane crash. She was going on this mystery trip. Her husband thought she was going to some painting seminar, but it was just a cover for some other secret trip. The story unfolds from the dead woman's journals. Her friend was given the trunk full of journals, as specified in her will, and the friend has to read them and decide what should be done with them. All sorts of secrets start to emerge about the woman through her journals, and it really gets you hungry for the truth about her. It also makes you think twice about keeping journals at all.

Do you see what I mean about a good set up? The story could go anywhere. The possibilities are endless and great, but the magic of it fizzles. I was really bummed out about the direction it all went. I should mention that my ideal ending for the book isn't what most people would hope for, but still, my ending would have been exciting and made for some good reading. Oh well, I guess that right there is the difference between a published author and myself.

I just started a new book, and the writing is really good. The author seems to be spot on when it comes to the inner thoughts of the characters. It seems almost like a true story, but the claim is that it's fiction. Made up stories start somewhere real, so I would guess this author has been married for a long time at the very least. This one has a chance of being really good.

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