Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Costume Procrastination

I am almost going to make my daughters their Halloween costumes. I say "almost" because I am actively procrastinating. They both want to be (wait for it.....), Disney princesses! Weird huh? They wear evening gowns during the majority of the time they spend at home, but they are ready to carry it over into their "Halloween Looks" too.

 This surprises me a little bit with Sasha. Last week I decide that I wanted to run to Papa Murphy's and grab a pizza for dinner. Both kids were playing a home in their princess dress up gowns. I didn't want to walk upstairs and track down their clothes for the quick trip to the pizza place, so I just put them in the car with their gowns on. Lyla, age three, was OVERJOYED! Sasha, age six, decided that she was going to be shy and embarrassed to be seen in public with her gown on. No one batted an eye at the sight of little girls in ball gowns at 4:45 on a Friday. I knew that no one would make a big fuss about it. I love seeing kids wear their dress up clothes out in public without a legit excuse to do so. Especially when it's a little boy in one of those super hero costumes with the built in "fake muscles".  Hopefully Sasha will feel secure in her gown when shes got Halloween as the excuse.

Sasha wants to be Rapunzel and Lyla chose to be Belle. I bought the fabric and all the trim and I'm ready to roll. I don't use patterns because I am allergic to them and I always end up getting confused and angry. I just sort of wing it and let the design happen. I am very capable of making and embellishing pretty dresses, the trouble I have is fitting them properly. I'm always scared that they'll end up too small, so I over compensate and they always end up way to big. I lose sleep at night over this fact. Monday night I found myself awake at 4:30 A.M. contemplating if I should cheat and make stretchy bodices as opposed to fitted with zippers. I'm still at a loss on this one.

This is a really pathetic problem to have and I realize that I'm only writing this post to postpone the first step of costume making, cutting the fabric. Once it's cut, there's no going back. I refuse to buy more fabric, so I have to get the proportions right the first time. UGGGGG! It doesn't help that one of my kids is at school and completely unavailable for the random draping and fittings that I will need her to endure. They will both turn out just fine, but I guess I'll have to start sewing in order for that to happen. Oh dread, here I go.

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